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I kinda missed my favs. Yeah, I was around the VFW as usual, but I managed to miss some of my favourite designers.

The most important ones, were doing performances at 12:30 in the morning… and as much I had tried for years to be in time for the morning shows I never, absolutely never accomplished it… mostly if Jose isn’t picking me up as usual.

And if you add up the fact that Absolut Vodka was the Sponsor of the Kissing Area… well, let’s just say that I rather go with the online videos than actually try to remember whatever I saw… cause I had as many as possible FREE gin-vodkas I could… (Bloody Maries if it was lunch time)

So let’s enjoy together a little bit of what I actually missed… or was… whatever…


Obviously, whoever was recording this was following Diego alll around, he’s the second to last guy. It’s just the carousel but you can take a look to her upcoming A/W collection there and in the link above.

We fell in love with her collection when she was participating last year in Zona D.
We saw her collection, we fall in love with it, and afterwards we fall in love with her when she won and couldn’t make a word. It was just amazing.


I just love his art….


And as favourites shows I managed to watch and enjoy I must make a mention to Julio Almiñana. I didn’t know the guy but his idea of put a dancer in the middle of the catwalk and made the models look at her with hate totally rocked it…

Le freak Ole!
If you’re Spanish you maybe know them from Trendtation. They were the closing, pretty good for being their first time in Valencia, uh?
They’re a couple of amazing girls from Madrid. They mix tons of cultures in their designs and are able to spawn things as awesome as these:

And as usual, while this was happening I was in my way… in a bus… opposite direction may I add.

And of course, Siempre Es Viernes. Not only their collections are fun and refreshing, but the guys are awesome. They’re unique. I had the chance to meet them last s/s and they were the most polite and nice designers in the backstage. There was tons of black in all of the collections, but they managed to give it the funny touch they give to all their clothes. REFRESHING! That’s what we all thought… but the grannies that managed to screw the whole show with their comments about how everything was filled of holes, speaking about that… PLEASE, STOP GIVING INVITES TO OLD WOMEN… IF THE BUS ARRIVES TO THE PLACE WHERE THEY’RE INVITED FOR FREE YOU CAN BET YOUR ASS THEY WOULD BE ATTENDING!!!

And coming back to Siempreesviernes… amazing, uh?

And I spent a whole week fantasizing about the scarf/hood/whatever it was thing the models were wearing in their heads…

And I got inspired…

And this is what I came up with

Safety Pins + 1/2 x 2 meters of black cotton fabric.

You just need to join the ends with the safety pins…

Et voila, hope you like it ;D

P.D If you want to see more imgs of the VFW, click here

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Enero 24th, 2011 by admin

Esta tarde me he tomado la libertad de ver en algunas webs las propuestas de los diseñadores para la temporada P/V.


Colores neutros, pero tambien flúor.

Seguir llevando la ropa interior fuera, las transparencias!

Los 70 estan aqui de diversas formas. En los pantalones de pata de elefante.

combinados con plataformas.

Otros han optado por la parte preppy de los 70. Diseños que recuerdan a la America Suburbana de finales de la decada.

y los hotpants… lo que me lleva a pq no he actualizado mucho ultimamente.

Son seis basicas razones… que implican el tambien vivir un poco la vida. Divertirme y estudiar a la vez. Todo combinado con trabajo y mi vida personal, te lleva a en ocasiones tienes elegir tus prioridades. En que quieres gastar un par de horas de tu vida… hacer una sesion de fotos para el blog o ir a tomar una cerveza con tus amigas? Leer una revista de moda en el autobus o La Septima Muerte del Che… Que ese autobus te lleve a casa de tu abuela para pasar toda una tarde en la que no haras nada mas que hablar y hablar y hablar sobre Salvame XD….

Prioridades que aveces te perjudican, y como ya sabeis, siempre dejo en ultimo lugar el blog.

6. Perfeccionando el patron del mono con hotpants. Sera a la octava la vencida y quedaran asi?

Porque sigo soñando con prendas de este estilo. En terciopelo, saten, con cuellos y mangas distintas mezclando conceptos…. pero parece que no logro conseguir el largo de talle apropiado para todas las tallas. Y me cabrea…

5. He estado intentando teñirme el pelo para lograr un rojo bastante fuerte. No esta funcionando mucho. Mi pelo sigue repudiando el tinte a los tres lavados asi que es posible que pronto me quede calva… pero si no arriesgas no ganas. Creo que hacer el proyecto sobre el Grunge y aprender sobre ello me esta haciendo una inconsciente.
Aunque aveces lo pienso y quizas deberia seguir la moda y ponerme con colores mas pastel, como el rosa, gris… gris azulado? e incluso salmon. Ayer vimos Olvidate de mi y cada vez me gusta mas la idea…

I’ve been working in my hair to get a shocking shade of red. I don’t really know how is it going to look, or if I’m going to go bald before we’re done with it, but whatever. Making the project about punk is kicking out my wild side. Or maybe I should go for the season’s trend of pastel colors like white or gray and just go for the pink… maybe salmon. Yesterday we watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and I thought about it and actually liked the idea.

4. Zapatos. Sigo buscando zapatos que me digan algo… fui feliz durante un par de horas con los zapatos de Jessica Simpson, (Lo mejor que ha hecho esta mujer en su vida es diseñar zapatos) todo para que una vez hecho el pedido, descubra que no envian a España. Asi que hemos hablado (aun no concretado) sobre una visita a Elche, en Valencia. Tierra de Zapateros, Outles de diseñador y donde casualmente Jeffrey Campbell fabrica sus zapatos… lalalala

Shoes. I’m still looking for shoes… I was happy for a while when I saw the sales in the Jessica Simpson page, (my prejudices forgave me to enter in the page before when is actually the best thing she ever did) but once I went to the checkout I found out I couldn’t buy them because they didn’t mail to Spain. So, we talked about making a vissit to Elche, a town next home. There are tons of shoe factories and causalities and the good quality of they work lead Jeffrey Campbell to put his factory there… lalala (8)

Esta temporada, al fin hay plataformas y para las pies planos-llevadoras de converses durante toda su adolescencia como yo nos vienen bien. Son comodos y bonitos.

This season we’re speaking about platforms. And I love it, cause I’ve been wearing Chucks ever since I was 10 so I’m not really good at walking on high shoes. They’re comfy and cute and I can’t wait to start searching the net for some.

3. Pamelas. Ay las pamelas. Han alegrado el invierno y siguen en verano, para portegernos del sol. Yo ya tengo una, no creo que me compre otra.

Pero me gusta el rollo colorido de Marc Jacobs.
Yet again I like the Marc Jacob’s colorful ones

2. Tunicas. I don’t think I have to justify myself. Tunics are cool. I always thought it, now I’m sewing them for me for the summer with sheer fabrics and tons of layers wich is cheap and fresh.

1. Descubrir a Laura Ashley. Fue una diseñadora de tejidos, pero que tambien hacia vestidos. Siempre con un toque naif y con una gran calidad en los tejidos y acabados.
Sus vestidos recuerdan a los de Luella pero a precios mas modicos y con un aire vintage. A mi me ha inspirado en crear los 3 vestidos que quiero esta primavera. Ahora solo me faltan los tejidos. 😀
Discover Laura Ashley. She was a textile designer, but she also made dresses. Always with a naif touch and a great quality. Her dresses remind me of Luella’s but cheaper and with a lovely vintage touch. I’ve got inspired into designing three dresses for this summer. Now I just need the fabrics.

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